W.O.W. Workshop on Wellness:  Do you ever wonder if you are truly realizing your full life potential?  This workshop focuses on the importance of a balanced approach to life.  Achieving a balance in life is powerful.  It allows us to perform at our best in all aspects of our life, and leads to greater levels of happiness and performance.  Attendees learn about the seven key life areas (physical, mental, spiritual, social, family, career, and financial) and how to balance each area for true happiness, health, and wellness.  This is a truly inspiring health and wellness series!

Power Nutrition:  Low carb, low fat, fresh vegetables?  The information on what constitutes a proper diet is vast and conflicting.  When it comes to nutrition, one thing is clear—variety is the spice of life!  Separate the facts from the fads, and learn the truth about nutrition and the impact that proper nutrition can have on our energy levels and overall health and wellness.

Physical Activity:  There are a variety of physical activity programs, such as Enhance Wellness, Tai Chai, Healthy Moves (emphasizes low-impact aerobic activity), and minimal strength training and stretching classes.

Falls Prevention:  There are different programs that focus on balance and falls prevention, including Matter of Balance and Stepping On, both of which emphasize strength training and behavioral modification to help prevent falls and the fear of falling.

Nutrition and Diet:  There are also a variety of programs, including Healthy Eating, which teaches older adults the value of eating healthy foods as well as maintaining an active lifestyle.

Mental Wellness and Senior Depression:  These programs include PEARLS and Healthy IDEAS, which involve the screening and referral of older adults who are currently experiencing or are at risk of depression.

Get a Grip on Stress:  While it’s true that stress is a result of change, one common misconception is that stress is always a result of a negative shift in our environment.  Not only can stress result from positive occurrences in our lives, but both positive and negative stress effects our overall health in a variety of ways.  Stress is all around us.  Learn tips to manage stress and minimize its negative effects on the body.


  • Chronic Pain Self Management Program
  • Chronic Disease Self Management Program
  • Diabetes Self Management Program
  • Stepping On: Balance and Falls Prevention for Senior Citizens
  • Cancer Thriving and Surviving Program